What public services do Herefordshire Council deliver?

Local residents across the county are being encouraged to take part in a series of ‘Your community – your say’ events to consider the services and priorities Herefordshire Council should be focusing on in the future.

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‘Your community – your say’ forms part of a fundamental review of services the council is currently undertaking, in response to the many challenges facing the delivery of public services over the next decade. Councillor John Jarvis, leader of Herefordshire Council, said:

“This is a time of significant change for the council and as such we’re taking the opportunity to look at what we do, how we do it and if it can be done better or differently. We have already seen local residents playing a greater role and taking responsibility for the services they receive, which is why it’s important to continue listening to their views on where we can make further savings in non-statutory services. The Your community – your say process is a slightly different approach for Herefordshire Council and we hope it will deliver a rich two way dialogue with residents. So we encourage all residents to take the opportunity to engage with the process and tell us what’s important in their community.”

There are different ways you can participate in this consultation and we like as many people as possible to be able to contribute:

• Please see events page where a list of events is posted.
• You can attend an event and put forward your views on services that are important to you and join in the local discussion groups.
• You can join the discussion forum by clicking the link above
• You can fill in the survey questions

What public services do Herefordshire Council deliver?

Postby administrator » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:07 pm

Some public services like, providing education, health services and adult social care are what are known as statutory services that all local authorities have to provide by law. However many of the other services Herefordshire Council provides are non-statutory which means they do not have to provide them but choose to.

Not all of the services listed below are delivered by Herefordshire Council some are delivered by the police, NHS and the fire service. Others services are delivered by voluntary organizations or private companies, on behalf of the council. This list is not exhaustive (Herefordshire Council deliver over 700 services) but it will give you an idea of the types of services they do.

Cultural facilities (libraries, museums, theatre)
Sports and leisure facilities
Public Toilets
Social Services
Children’s Services
Youth Services (activities for young people, youth councils)
Parks and open spaces
Road and pavement repairs / maintenance
Access to nature (footpaths, rights of way, bridleways)
Education provision (schools, colleges, nurseries)
Street Cleaning
Public transport (bus subsidies, school travel)
Car parking
Affordable decent housing
Environmental services
Support for carers
Trading Standards
Customer Services
Business & employment related services
Community Development support
Health services (dentists, mental health services, GP’s, midwives, district nurses etc…)
Preventative health services (fall prevention, health advice / clinics)
Public health services (smoking cessation, sexual health, obesity, diabetes, stroke, drug & alcohol services)
Community safety (anti-social behaviour)
Fire Services (community awareness / fire safety)
Ambulance Services
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